Tuesday, December 6, 2011

How high can a cat jump..?

Is it true that cats will always land on their feet? Also, how high can a cat jump?

My cat has jumped from the ground to the top of the fridge before. Can they jump higher than that?

Thanks for the answers!|||Hi Ken...the height a cat can jump truly depends on the individual cat. Some can jump much higher than others.

As for cats always landing on their feet, not always: http://www.peteducation.com/article.cfm?鈥?/a>

If cats fall a short distance, they can almost always right themselves and land on their feet. If they fall more than one or two floors, however, they may sustain severe or even fatal injuries. The number of cats who become injured from falling is increasing, partially because of the large number of multi-story apartment buildings. Cats who are injured during falls are often said to have 'high rise syndrome.'

(please see website for full details)|||Adult female cat of average size--from floor to the top of a china cabinet--six feet six inches--I watched her do it and I was impressed.|||Pretty high.......atleast 4 feet|||it depends on the cat but my cat has jumped much higher than that !

in our kitchen ontop of the cabinets there is a little space for some sort of decoration and its just under our roof and i have watched her jumo from the floor to there, i've had to grab a chair from the table to get her down cause shes not supposed to be up there

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